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Art and Architecture

Masterpieces from the Department of Islamic Art in The Metropolitan Museum of Art [Arabic Edition]

روائع تحف الفن الإسلامي في متحف المتروبوليتان للفنون Edited by Mariam D. Ekhtiar
Priscilla B. Soucek
Sheila R. Canby
Navina Najat Haidar
A full-color introduction to the most outstanding pieces in the Metropolitan Museum's superb Islamic collection, in Arabic

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Guide [Arabic Edition]

دليل متحف المتروبوليتان للفنون Introduction by Thomas P. Campbell
The complete guide to New York's Metropolitan Museum, in Arabic


Mapping My Return

A Palestinian Memoir Salman Abu Sitta
The only memoir in English by a Palestinian Arab who grew up in the Beersheba district prior to 1948, now in paperback

The Diaries of Waguih Ghali

An Egyptian Writer in the Swinging Sixties Volume 1: 1964–66 Edited by May Hawas
Including an interview with by Diana Athill
The captivating diaries of an Egyptian political exile, novelist, and libertine intellectual in sixties Europe

Middle East Studies

The Oslo Accords

A Critical Assessment Edited by Petter Bauck
Mohammed Omer
Foreword by Desmond Tutu
Foreword by Össur Skarphéðinsson
An assessment of the landmark Oslo Accords of 1993 more than two decades on


Spirit Possession, Music, and Healing Rituals in Egypt Hager El Hadidi
An examination of the history and waning culture of zar in Egypt, and the world in which Muslim women negotiate relations with spirits

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