Links of Interest
Institutional and Private Organizations
  • Al Ahram Weekly
  • American Institute for Maghreb Studies
  • American Educational Trust
  • The American University in Cairo
  • The American Research Center in Egypt
  • Americans for Middle East Understanding
  • Association of the American Teachers of Arabic
  • Arab Film Distribution
  • Aramedia, Arabic Software Localization Transition
  • The British Society of Middle Eastern Studies
  • Center for Islamic Studies
  • Egyptian Book Publishers Organization
  • European Association of Middle Eastern Studies
  • The International Congress of Egyptologists
  • International Institute of Islamic Thought
  • Middle East Librarians Association
  • Middle East Institute
  • Middle East Medievalists
  • The Middle East Studies Association
  • The Modern Language Association
  • National Middle East Language Resource Center
  • Nordic Society of Middle Eastern Studies
  • Al Jadid
  • Al Arabiyya
  • Ancient Egypt Magazine
  • Arab Studies Journal
  • Archaeology Magazine
  • BRISMES Journal
  • Canvas Magazine
  • Foreign Affairs
  • International Journal of Middle East Studies
  • Islamaica Magazine
  • Journal of Arab and Islamic Studies
  • Journal of Middle Eastern Women’s Association
  • KMT
  • Maghreb Review
  • MESA Bulletin
  • Meridians
  • Middle East Journal
  • Middle East Report
  • Middle East Review of International Affairs
  • Washington Report on Middle East Affairs
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