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The AUC Press Professional Training Program 2017–18

The Professional Training Program at the American University in Cairo Press was established to provide recent university graduates and other Egyptian and foreign residents of Cairo each year with a special opportunity to receive professional training at the AUC Press and to learn about the purposes and procedures of book publishing, including editing, design and production, sales and customer service, marketing, finance, and bookselling. Successful professional trainees are also considered for permanent assistant positions which may become available at the AUC Press.

Professional Training Positions are available in the following areas: 

1. Editorial: The professional trainee will assist in the preparation of manuscripts for publication, including proofreading, manuscript tracking, maintaining author correspondence, and record-keeping duties in the editorial department. Working closely with the editors of the Press the trainee will gain hands-on experience of manuscript development and the editorial process.

2. Bookstores:
The trainee will learn about the background work needed to work in a bookstore and support all we do in our stores and at book fairs, through the year. At the end of the year they will be able to understand bookselling and retail work. The trainee, who will be supervised by the senior member at each store on the Downtown and New Cairo campuses, must be able to read well in English.

3. Customer Service:
The trainee will support the Customer Service Team in their work with the AUC Press Sales teams, supplying books and information to our own Bookstores, trade and individual customers, and distributors worldwide. The role also engages with sales administration tasks, catalog mailing lists, and more.

4. Finance:
The trainee will assist in the analysis and planning of the operating expenses for the AUC Press, assist in outstanding monitoring and collection, and participate in small finance projects that are required prior to SAP implementation. The trainee will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the finance department of the AUC Press with the objective of delivering accurate financial and administrative operation in compliance with established policies and procedures.

5. Royalties:
The trainee will assist the royalties manager in developing a spreadsheet for royalty reports and a database of author contacts, will deal with FedEx to deliver checks and correspondence, will file royalty reports and invoices related to book production, and will assist with author inquiries, sales tasks, mailing lists, and more.

6. Marketing:
The trainee will support the marketing team through assisting in the planning and implementation of marketing activities for AUC Press publications and bookstores, conducting research, expanding the customer database, and supporting media plans and outreach. The trainee will also play a role in supporting the marketing operations in North America.

7. Sales:
Supporting the sales representatives and sales management, this trainee will work from the office but spend time actively engaging with our bookstore customers in Cairo, at book fairs, and in our own bookstores to help widen and further the sales success of books published by the AUC Press.

Other Professional Training Activities include:

Orientation and Participation: Professional trainees will receive introductory presentations by the director and senior managers of the AUC Press and will attend regular departmental planning meetings.

Special Events:
Professional trainees will actively assist in the planning and coordinating of Book & Author receptions, book awards, and other promotion celebrations of the AUC Press.

Professional Training Stipends and Schedules:

For the academic year 2017–18, the nine-month training period begins with an orientation program on 1 October 2017 and runs through 28 June 2018.
A stipend of LE 2,000 per month is paid to each trainee.

AUC Press professional trainees follow the full-time administrative schedule of the University with time off for national holidays and 10 personal days.

Application Procedure

Applications should be received no later than 1 September 2017 and should include:

1. A letter addressed to the Director of the AUC Press, Dr. Nigel Fletcher-Jones, indicating the applicant’s interest in the AUC Press Professional Training Program and describing any special talents, experiences, or interests that would help to contribute creatively and effectively to the work of publishing and bookselling. Please indicate clearly at the top of the letter which department of the AUC Press you wish to join.

2. A résumé (C.V.) indicating the applicant’s educational background and special skills, as well as references or recommendations concerning the applicant’s qualifications, interest, and ability to participate in the AUC Press Professional Training Program.

The AUC Press will only notify those selected for the upcoming professional training program on or before 14 September 2017 after final selections are made by the Director in consultation with senior managers of the AUC Press.

Applications accepted by e-mail only. Send to

No personal visits or telephone calls.

July 2017



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