Forthcoming Books

Archaeology and Ancient Egypt


A Historian's View Ronald T. Ridley
A groundbreaking historiography of the reign of Akhenaten

Analyzing Collapse

The Rise and Fall of the Old Kingdom Miroslav Bárta
An examination of the development of the complex civilization of Egypt's Old Kingdom and its collapse

From Ashurbanipal to Alexander

Ancient Egypt during the Late Period (c. 672–332 BC) David Klotz
The first work in English to tell the full story of the era from the Assyrian invasion of Egypt to the coming of Alexander

Mummies, Monsters, and the Ship of Millions

Leena Pekkalainen
From the author of How I Became a Mummy, the further adventures of the befuddled mummified pharaoh

Paleopathology of the Ancient Egyptians

An Annotated Bibliography 1995–2016 Updated Edition Lisa Sabbahy
A comprehensive listing of sources for books and articles about disease and pathology in ancient Egypt


An Artist's Coloring Book Featuring the artwork of by Dominique Navarro
Become an ancient Egyptian coloring artist while exploring the fabulous treasures of the famous boy king!

Art and Architecture


The Living Churches of an Ancient Kingdom Mary Anne Fitzgerald
Philip Marsden
Edited by Carolyn Ludwig
Morris Jackson

A spectacular full-color celebration of the extraordinary architectural heritage of the roof of Africa


Hassan Fathy

An Architectural Life Edited by Leïla el-Wakil
A beautifully illustrated study of the life and times of the legendary Egyptian architect

Nubian Gold

Ancient Jewelry from Sudan and Egypt Peter Lacovara
Yvonne J. Markowitz
The sumptuousness and grandeur of Nubian gold jewelry analyzed and illustrated for the first time

Orientalist Lives

Western Artists in the Middle East, 1830–1920 James Parry
The colorful story of the nineteenth-century artists who traveled and painted the Middle East for an eager audience in Europe and America

The Tentmakers of Cairo

Egypt's Medieval and Modern Appliqué Craft Seif El Rashidi
Sam Bowker
Stories from Cairo's historic Street of the Tentmakers, its craft and its people

Middle East Travel

A Field Guide to the Street Names of Central Cairo

Humphrey Davies
Lesley Lababidi
A richly intriguing map of Cairo's enthralling history through its street names

Aristocrats and Archaeologists

An Edwardian Journey on the Nile Toby Wilkinson
Julian Platt

An unusually vivid first-hand account of early twentieth-century travel in Egypt


Islamic Monuments in Cairo

The Practical Guide (New Revised Edition) Caroline Williams
A new, fully revised edition of this perennially popular guide to Cairo's Islamic monuments

The Nefertiti Notebook

Record your thoughts and experiences in this elegant journal

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