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‘Youssef Fadel’s re-imagination(s) of Moroccan testimonial literature’

Book review essay of Youssef Fadel, author of A Rare Blue Bird Flies with Me, translated by Jonathan Smolin (Hoopoe, 2016) and A Beautiful White Cat Walks with Me, translated by Alexander Elinson (Hoopoe, 2017)

The Journal of North African Studies, 22 August, Brahim El Guabli

‘The impossibility of a life in the in-betweens: The Diaries of Waghi Ghali

“Ghali’s struggles and insecurities feel terribly familiar, and it is oddly comforting to see them laid bare.”
Review of The Diaries of Waguih Ghali: An Egyptian in the Swinging Sixties: Volume 1: 1964-66 (AUC Press, 2016)
Mada Masr, 9 August 2017, Lara El Gibaly

‘Give the Jew a Muslim Burial’

“The result is an easy, calm narrative, witty but not sneering, elegant but not showy.”

Review of Menorahs and Minarets by Kamal Ruhayyim, translated by Sarah Enany (Hoopoe, 2017)
Wawa Book Review, 1 August, Tolu Akinwole

“…Insightful in assessing the context that drove the Oslo Accords and the maneuvers of the so-called “peace process.”

Review of The Oslo Accords: A Critical Assessment, edited Petter Bauck and Mohammed Omer (AUC Press, Pbk, 2016)
Arab Studies Quarterly 39.3, August

‘Face of Malibu: Dominique Navarro’

Interview with the author of the AUC Press Nature Foldouts and Ancient Egypt coloring book
The Malibu Times, 20 July
, Homaira Shifa Hamid

‘Five Cookbooks for an Authentic Taste of the Middle East’

The review includes Authentic Egyptian Cooking by Nehal Leheta 
(AUC Press, Flexibound, 2015)
BookWitty, 12 July, Kanzi Kamel

“This funny little pharaoh is the brainchild of Leena Pekkalainen.”
Book review of How I Became A Mummy (AUC Press, 2016)
Nile Magazine, June–July

‘A fascinating tale set in an Orwellian Cairo’
Book review of The Book of Safety by Yasser Abdel Hafez, translated by Robin Moger (Hoopoe, 2017)

Arab News, 23 June, Manal Shakir

‘Interior vistas off the beaten track’

Review of Cairo Inside Out by Trevor Naylor and Doriana Dimitrova (AUC Press, 2016)
The Jordan Times, 11 June, Sally Bland

‘Syrian novelist Khaled Khalifa tells the stories of a bleeding, beautiful country: ‘Writing is part of healing’
Interview with Khaled Khalifa, author of No Knives in the Kitchens of This City, translated by Leri Price (Hoopoe, 2016)
SYRIA: direct, 23 March, Sama Mohammed


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Neil Hewison

In This Issue

“To take on such an enterprise—to create a canon of modern Arabic literature in English translation where there was none—anyone would need a great deal of enthusiasm, curiosity, and persistence. But Neil brought more than that, he brought an openhearted kindness as well.—Marcia Lynx Qualey, freelance cultural journalist andArabic Literature in English blogger.”

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Marcus Simaika

Book Of The Month

Marcus Simaika
Father of Coptic Archaeology
By Samir Simaika and Nevine Henein
Introduction by Donald M. Reid

Marcus Pasha Simaika (1864–1944) was born to a prominent Coptic family on the eve of the inauguration of the Suez Canal and the British occupation of Egypt...

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Rose's Cairo Book Club


4 November
Rose's Cairo Book Club hosted by AUC Bookstores Riham Adlyof Embrace on Brooklyn Bridge (Hoopoe, 2017)
A novel by Ezzedine C. Fishere, translated by John Peate
AUC Tahrir Bookstore
AUC Tahrir Campus

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