December 2017 e-Newsletter

Book Reviews & Author News

“Caridi gives the reader an in-depth look at a complex city and its daily dramas.”
Book review of Jerusalem without God: Portrait of a Cruel City by Paola Caridi (AUC Press, 2017)
Arab News, Lisa Kaaki, October 22

A journey in the face of death

Book review of No Road to Paradise by Hassan Daoud, translated by Marilyn Booth (Hoopoe, 2017)
Arab News, Manila Shakir, October 8

“What is a Copt?”

Book review of Marcus Simaika, Father of Coptic Archaeology by Samir Simaika and Nevine Henein (AUC Press, 2017)
Salamamoussa, Maged Atiya, October 8

“The Oslo Accords: A Critical Assessment
is insightful in assessing the context that drove the Oslo Accords and the maneuvers of the so-called “peace process.”

Book review of The Oslo Accords: A Critical Assessment, edited by Petter Bauck and Mohammed Omer, forewords by Desmond Tutu and Össur Skarphéðinsson (AUC Press, 2017 paperback edition)
Arab Studies Quarterly
39, No. 3, 2017




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