October 2017 e-Newsletter

Book of The Month


Protecting Pharaoh's Treasures

My Life in Egyptology

By Wafaa El Saddik 

With Rüdiger Heimlich 

Translated by Russell Stockman

This is an incisive memoir of the first woman to become general director of Cairo's Egyptian Museum.

“I have deliberately devoted all my time to my museum education efforts. To my mind it is the only effective way to counter the threat to our ancient heritage by our own people. Only when our children take the protection of ancient sites into their own hands will we be able to save them—our children are our legacy,” writes El Saddik in the preface of her book.

Last month El Saddik received the ‘Women of Substance’ award for her exceptional achievements and exemplary contributions in her field of work.


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Neil Hewison

In This Issue

“To take on such an enterprise—to create a canon of modern Arabic literature in English translation where there was none—anyone would need a great deal of enthusiasm, curiosity, and persistence. But Neil brought more than that, he brought an openhearted kindness as well.—Marcia Lynx Qualey, freelance cultural journalist andArabic Literature in English blogger.”

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Marcus Simaika

Book Of The Month

Marcus Simaika
Father of Coptic Archaeology
By Samir Simaika and Nevine Henein
Introduction by Donald M. Reid

Marcus Pasha Simaika (1864–1944) was born to a prominent Coptic family on the eve of the inauguration of the Suez Canal and the British occupation of Egypt...

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Rose's Cairo Book Club


4 November
Rose's Cairo Book Club hosted by AUC Bookstores Riham Adlyof Embrace on Brooklyn Bridge (Hoopoe, 2017)
A novel by Ezzedine C. Fishere, translated by John Peate
AUC Tahrir Bookstore
AUC Tahrir Campus

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