February 2018 e-Newsletter

A Grand Hotels Celebration

The AUC Press chose to celebrate the publication of Andrew Humphreys’s beautifully illustrated book Grand Hotels of Egypt in the Golden Age of Travel earlier this month at Cairo’s downtown Windsor Hotel.

The event, held in the Barrel Lounge of this historic hotel, with its former bar-restaurant Parisiana Café once one of Cairo’s most popular night spots, was attended by some four hundred guests, including ambassadors, journalists, authors, and AUC Press friends.

Some guests and AUC Press staff opted for the 1940s look, including famous Egyptian actress Libliba.

In Grand Hotels of Egypt, the author writes of the Windsor: “The history of the hotel remains present in every piece of furniture and every fitting.”

To read more about the book and order it, click here.
Visit the author's Grand Hotels of Egypt blog.


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Cassandra Vivian

Author Cassandra Vivian donates rare Egypt collection to AUC

Thousands of her black-and-white photographs of Egypt spanning more than three decades, detailed travel notes of her keen exploration of the Western Desert from the 1970s, as well as archival notes and dispatches acquired from the British Army...

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Mummies book cover

Book Of The Month

Mummies, Monsters, and the Ship of Millions
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Tahrir Book Fair


3–8 March
Tahrir Book Fair

25–29 March
Spring Book Fair

10–12 April
The London Book Fair
Olympia, London

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