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“Poignant and humorous prose”

Book review of Gaza Weddings by Ibrahim Nasrallah, translated by Nancy Roberts (Hoopoe, 2017) 

World Literature Today, Erik Noonan, March issue

“To be a writer you have to be against the state”: Youssef Fadel illuminates Morocco’s past and present

The New Yorker speaks to the author of A Rare Blue Bird Flies with Me (Hoopoe, 2016) and A Beautiful White Cat Walks with Me (Hoopoe, 2016) 
Nicolas Niarchos, February 28

A princess and her extraordinary destiny

Book review of Neslishah: The Last Ottoman Princess by Murat Bardakçi (AUC Press, 2017) 

Arab News, Lisa Kakki, February 14

50 years on from Waguih Ghali’s suicide his taboo-busting diaries make debut in print

Review of The Diaries of Waguih Ghali: An Egyptian Writer in the Swinging Sixties Volume 1: 1964–66 and Volume 2: 1966–68, edited by May Hawas (both volumes, AUC Press, 2017)
The Tanjara, Susannah Tarbush, February 8

A talk with Abdelillah Hamdouchi, the master of Moroccan noir
Author of Whitefly (Hoopoe, 2016), The Final Bet (Hoopoe, 2016), and Bled Dry (Hoopoe, 2017), February 5

“Edwardian aristocrats went to Egypt hoping for glamour—but they got dysentery instead”
review of Aristocrats and Archaeologists: An Edwardian Journey on the Nile by Toby Wilkinson and Julian Platt (AUC Press, 2017)

The Telegraph, Robert Leigh-Pemberton, February 4

‘The Book of Safety’ offers new insight into Arabic literature 

Book review of Yasser Abdel Hafez’s novel The Book of Safety, (Hoopoe, 2017)

The Arab Weekly, Sci Sarhan, January 28

‘Farewell Shiraz,’ an exile’s journey to another Iran

Book review of Farewell Shiraz: An Iranian Memoir of Revolution and Exile by Cyrus Kadivar (AUC Press, 2017)

The Arab Weekly, Dunia El-Zobaidi, January 21


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Different book covers

In the Spring Catalog

This Spring we are publishing a colorful new selection and variety of titles: they include the eagerly awaited third and final installment of Jason Thompson’s Wonderful Things, Zora O’Neill’s warm and witty travel account, All Strangers Are Kin: Adventures in Arabic and the Arab World, Humphrey Davies’s and Lesley Lababidi’s fascinating A Field Guide to the Street Names of Central Cairo, explaining what the capital’s street names commemorate and when they were first recorded, and Jihad of the Pen: The Sufi Literature of West Africa, which explores the intellectual writings of some of that region’s most influential Muslim spiritual thinkers.

Click here to browse the complete Spring 2018 catalog.

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Aristocrats and Archaeologists book cover

Book Of The Month

Aristocrats and Archaeologists
An Edwardian Journey on the Nile

By Toby Wilkinson and Julian Platt
A collection of letters in a small painted box passed down through three generations of a London family is the starting point for a vivid account of a three-month journey up and down the Nile in a bygone age.

The letters, like a time capsule, bring to life a lost world of Edwardian travel and social mores, of Egypt on the brink of the modern age, of the great figures of Egyptology, of aristocrats and archaeologists.

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London Book Fair


10–12 April
The London Book Fair
Olympia, London

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