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Ibrahim  Aslan


IBRAHIM ASLAN was born in Tanta in Egypt’s Nile Delta in 1937 and was culture editor in the Cairo bureau of the London-based daily newspaper al-Hayat. He published his first collection of short stories in 1971. The Heron, his first novel, was published in Arabic in 1983. He is also the author of Nile Sparrows (AUC Press, 2004). ELLIOT COLLA teaches comparative literature at Brown University. His book Conflicted Antiquities is a study of the figures of Egyptian antiquities in European travel writing, museum discourses, and modern Egyptian literature.

Available by this author

Nile Sparrows ISBN 9789774248283
Nile Sparrows ISBN 9789774162404
The Heron ISBN 9789774163074
The Heron ISBN 9789774249297

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