Egypt from Alexander to the Copts

Edited by Roger S. Bagnall 
Dominic W. Rathbone

After its conquest by Alexander the Great in 332 bc, Egypt was ruled for the next 300 years by the Ptolemaic dynasty founded by Ptolemy I, one of Alexander’s generals...

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Voyage through Time Walks of Life to the Nobel Prize Ahmed Zewail
ISBN 9789774248436
Whose Pharaohs? Archaeology, Museums, and Egyptian National Identity from Napoleon to World War I Donald Malcolm Reid
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Women on the Nile Writings of Harriet Martineau, Florence Nightingale and Amelia Edwards Joan Rees
ISBN 9789774161711
Workers on the Nile Nationalism, Communism, Islam, and the Egyptian Working Class, 1882–1954 Joel Beinin
Zachary Lockman
ISBN 9789774244827
Writing Egypt History, Literature, and Culture Edited by Aleya Serour
ISBN 9789774163784
Yusif Sayigh Arab Economist, Palestinian Patriot: A Fractured Life Story Edited by Rosemary Sayigh
ISBN 9789774166716
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