Archaeology and Ancient Egypt
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Oct  2017
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Giza and the Pyramids

Mark Lehner
Zahi Hawass

The definitive account of the greatest archaeological site by the world's leading experts

For more than four thousand years the pyramids of Giza have stood like giant question marks that have intrigued and endlessly fascinated people: who exactly built them, when and why, and how did they create these colossal structures? But the pyramids are not a complete mystery—the stones, the hieroglyphs, the landscape, and even the layers of sand and debris hold stories for us to read. Mark Lehner and Zahi Hawass, with over four decades of involvement with Giza, here provide their unique and personal insight into the site, bringing together all the information and evidence, making this a record unparalleled in its detail and scope.
The celebrated Great Pyramid of Khufu is the only one of the seven wonders of the ancient world still standing, but there is much more to Giza and it is important to see the whole picture. We may think of the pyramids as rising from the desert, isolated and enigmatic, yet they were surrounded by temples, tombs, vast cemeteries, and even teeming towns of the living. All are described in detail here and brought back to life, with hundreds of illustrations including detailed photographs of the monuments, excavations, and objects, as well as plans, reconstructions, and the latest images from remote-controlled cameras and laser scans.
Through the ages, and up to the present day, Giza and the pyramids have inspired the most extraordinary speculations and wild theories, but here, finally, in this prestigious publication, is the full story as told by the evidence on the ground, by the leading authorities on the site.

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Mark Lehner has been conducting fieldwork at Giza since the mid-1970s. He is a research associate at the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago and at the Harvard Semitic Museum. He is the author of numerous works on ancient Egypt, including The Complete Pyramids (AUC Press, 1997).

Zahi Hawass has been involved with the archaeology of the Giza Plateau since 1974. He has also excavated throughout Egypt and has been both secretary general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities and minister for antiquities. He is the author of many books, including most recently (with Sahar Saleem) Scanning the Pharaohs: CT Imaging of the New Kingdom Pharaohs (AUC Press, 2015).


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