Archaeology and Ancient Egypt
English edition  
September  2017
32 pp.
34 illus. 
21X28 cm
ISBN 9789774168536
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An Artist's Coloring Book Featuring the artwork of by Dominique Navarro

Become an ancient Egyptian coloring artist while exploring the fabulous treasures of the famous boy king!

Embark on a colorful journey to reveal the hidden treasures of the famous ancient Egyptian pharaoh, Tutankhamun! Explore the extraordinary decorations of his elaborate tomb, spectacular funerary mask, ornate throne, dazzling jewelry, and more as you color the intricate artwork, revealing insights into the young king’s life. Make Tutankhamun your own! Embellish and add your personal touch to the black-and-white line drawings to transform them into a unique colorful artwork, to frame and display in your home. Use your imagination to color, or follow the coloring tips and suggestions accompanying each art panel, including techniques for adding texture, shading, and depth. Appealing to all ages, ideal for adults to unwind and relax, and fun to share with the whole family.

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Dominique Navarro is an Emmy Award winning art director, natural history artist, and writer. She is the author and illustrator of the AUC Press Nature Foldouts series as well as Egypt's Wildlife: Past and Present and Ancient Egypt: An Artist's Coloring Book (both AUC Press, 2016). As a trained forensic artist, she produces illustrations and sculptural reconstructions of unidentified persons and ancient archaeological remains. She currently works in Egypt as an epigraphic artist.

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