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November  2017
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American Universities Abroad

The Leadership of Independent Transnational Higher Education Institutions Edited by Ted Purinton
Jennifer Skaggs

The manifold challenges and constraints of leading American liberal arts universities based outside the United States

Across the globe, American-style and liberal arts universities are being established. From the first, the American University of Beirut, established in 1866, to the liberal arts institutions being established in Saudi Arabia, Ghana, and elsewhere in the twenty-first century, there is a clear sense of the global desire for the American approach to higher education as a way of counteracting traditional, more narrowly defined university educations. However, these universities operate in a distinctive dynamic that must learn to bridge one culture with another, and leadership of such institutions must by its nature focus on such complexities and tensions. Throughout the chapters of this book, this unique element of these universities will be better understood through the stories and experiences as presented by their presidents, provosts, and other academic leaders.

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Ted Purinton is Dean of the Graduate School of Education at the American University in Cairo. He is the author of Creating Engagement between Schools and their Communities: Lessons from Educational Leaders with Carlos Azcoitia (2016); Six Degrees of School Improvement: Empowering a New Profession of Teaching (2011); and Making Sense of Social Networks in Schools, with Terry Deal and Daria Cook Waetjen (2008). Jennifer Skaggs is an assistant professor at the American University in Cairo. Her publications and presentations regarding gender identity, undergraduate engineering programs, career and professional transitions, and international P-20 STEM allow her to speak to, and publish for, audiences spanning industry, non-profit, and educational interests. Currently she is researching holistic development of student identity and negotiation within transnational settings and how different educational practices translate across cultural and linguistic borders.

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