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A Jerusalem Anthology

Travel Writing through the Centuries Edited by T.J. Gorton
Andree Feghali Gorton

The Holy City in the words of pilgrims, writers, and adventurers through the ages

Jerusalem has a special status as a city that is both terrestrial and celestial. The name includes a cognate for ‘peace,’ but the old stones of the city have witnessed epic bloodshed and destruction over the centuries. The three great monotheistic religions all regard it with especial fervor, and it has for at least two millennia attracted pilgrims intent on seeing it before they die. This rich and compelling anthology of travelers’ writings attempts to convey something of the diverse experiences of visitors to this most complex and enigmatic of cities. A Jerusalem Anthology takes us on a journey through a city, not just of illusion and powerful accumulated religious emotion, but of colors, lights, smells, and sounds, an inhabited city as it was directly experienced and lived in through the ages. Memoirs of visitors such as as sixth-century AD pilgrim Saint Silvia of Bordeaux, medieval Jerusalemite al-Muqaddasi, Grand Tour voyagers Gustave Flaubert and Alexander Kinglake, the humorous Mark Twain, or the cynical T.E. Lawrence provide vivid and sometimes disturbing vignettes of the Holy City at very different times in its tumultuous history.
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T.J. Gorton has published two books of Arabic poetry in translation and co-edited Lebanon: Through Writers' Eyes. His most recent book is Renaissance Emir: A Druze Warlord at the Court of the Medici, a biography of seventeenth-century Lebanese prince Fakhr al-Din Ma'n. He is the editor of A Beirut Anthology: Travel Writing through the Centuries (AUC Press, 2015). Andree Feghali Gorton is the author of Egyptian and Egyptianizing Scarabs and the co-editor of Lebanon: Through Writers’ Eyes. She lives in London with her husband, T.J. Gorton.

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