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Mr. Mummific

Calendar 2018 Leena Pekkalainen

The month-by-month adventures of the funniest mummy you'll ever meet

This colorful, medium-format wall calendar presents twelve fun illustrations of the (mis)adventures of Mr. Mummific, the mummy with attitude. Newly dead, and somewhat perplexed, the one-time great pharaoh finds himself facing the mysteries of ancient Egypt's afterlife, and dealing with such indignities as having his brains pulled out through his nose. He also has to work out how to avoid being left hanging upside-down from the roof of a cave for all eternity or being vomited out of the stomach of a giant snake. The full story of Mr. Mummific's hilarious post-mortem tribulations is told in How I Became a Mummy and Mummies, Monsters, and the Ship of Millions (AUC Press, 2016, 2017).

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Leena Pekkalainen is a writer and artist who studied Egyptology at Manchester University. Together with Mr. Mummific, who appeared on her sketchpad one day when she was taking a break from her studies, she writes about ancient Egypt on www.ancientegypt101.com. She is the author and illustrator of How I Became a Mummy (AUC Press, 2016) and Mummies, Monsters, and the Ship of Millions (AUC Press, 2017).

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