Archaeology and Ancient Egypt
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How I Became a Mummy

Leena Pekkalainen

Ever wondered how ancient Egyptian mummies were actually made? Mr. Mummific is here to tell you!

If you thought making an ancient Egyptian mummy was just a matter of wrapping a body in bandages, think again! It was a long, complicated, and sometimes gruesome process. What happened to the intestines, lungs, and other soft inside bits? How did they get the brain out of the skull? What did they use to dry the body out, and how long did that take? These questions and many more are answered here by Mr. Mummific, a king of Egypt who went through it all himself, and ended up a mummy with attitude. A little confused when he first died (but relieved that he no longer had toothache), he needed his own guide to explain things, so it’s lucky that his dead but cheeky son was there to lead him by the hand. Together, they let us in on all the grisly secrets of the embalmers’ tent. Illustrated with eighty colorful scenes from the life, death, and afterlife of the funniest mummy you’ll ever meet, How I Became a Mummy is an icky treat for children and Egyptologists of all ages.

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Leena Pekkalainen is a writer and artist who studied Egyptology at Manchester University. Together with Mr. Mummific, who appeared on her sketchpad one day when she was taking a break from her studies, she writes about ancient Egypt on

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"What an imaginative approach to explaining mummification in ancient Egypt and the religious beliefs behind it! It will delight and inform Egyptologists of all ages."—Kara Cooney

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