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A Beautiful White Cat Walks with Me

A Novel Youssef Fadel
Translated by Alexander E. Elinson

A modern Moroccan tale of power, love, and loss

Hassan makes a living in his native Marrakesh as a comic writer and performer, through his satirical sketches critical of Morocco’s rulers. Yet when he is suddenly conscripted into a losing war in the Sahara, and drafted to a far-flung desert outpost, it seems that all is lost. Could his estranged father, close to power as the king’s private jester, have something to do with his sudden removal from the city? And will he ever see his beloved wife Zinab again? With flowing prose and black humor, Youssef Fadel subtly tells the story of 1980s Morocco.
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Award-winning Moroccan novelist and screenwriter Youssef Fadel was born in Casablanca in 1949. During Morocco’s ‘Years of Lead’ he was imprisoned in the notorious Moulay Cherif prison (1974–75). He is the author of A Rare Blue Bird Flies with Me. He lives in Casablanca, Morocco. Alexander E. Elinson is an associate professor of Arabic at Hunter College of the City University of New York.

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"An astonishing novel."—Le Monde Diplomatique//endoftext//endoftext"[Fadel is] a valued asset of modern Moroccan literature."—Aujourd'hui Le Maroc//endoftext//endoftext

“Taps into a theme whose ramifications are entwined with the many wounds that Moroccan post-independence collective memory is struggling to work through.”—Brahim El Guabli, Journal of North African Studies

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