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May  2016
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Sports and Society in the Middle East

Cairo Papers in Social Science Vol. 34, No. 2 Edited by Nicholas S. Hopkins
Sandrine Gamblin

A set of studies looking at the history, politics, and sociology of sports in the Arab world

The sociology of sports in the Middle East has been neglected compared to other world regions. This volume aspires to encourage a greater focus on this topic. Here are assembled papers that discuss various aspects of this subject. As it happens all deal with football (soccer) largely in Egypt but including other Middle Eastern countries. Some are historically or politically oriented while others take a more sociological approach. Papers deal with the relation between organized sports and fans, with the special place of youngsters and women in sports, or with the role of sports in a more general understanding of culture and society as indicators of modernization and other facets of social change. Sportive competitions arouse keen passions around such issues as gender, class, and nationality, while they raise questions about leadership on and off the field, and about the economic impact of the games. The topic needs more research.
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Nicholas S. Hopkins is emeritus professor of anthropology at the American University in Cairo. Sandrine Gamblin is director of the Middle East Studies Center at the American University in Cairo.

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