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A Novel Abdelilah Hamdouchi
Translated by Jonathan Smolin

"I want that gun, even if it's in a fish's stomach."

When a fourth corpse in three days washes up in Tangier with a bullet in the chest, Detective Laafrit knows this isn’t just another illegal immigrant who didn’t make it to the Spanish coast. The traffickers. The drug dealers. The smugglers. They know what it takes to get a gun into Morocco, and so does Laafrit. As his team hunts for the gun, Laafrit follows a hunch and reveals an international conspiracy to unlock the case. Whitefly is a fast-paced crime thriller from the Arab west.
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Born in Meknès, Morocco in 1958, Abdelilah Hamdouchi is one of the first writers of police fiction in Arabic and a prolific, award-winning screenwriter of police thrillers. Many of his novels, including the acclaimed The Final Bet, address democratic and human rights issues. He lives in Rabat, Morocco. Translator Jonathan Smolin is the author of Moroccan Noir: Police, Crime, and Politics in Popular Culture (2013). He lives in Hanover, NH.

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"Abdelilah Hamdouchi seems to have found the formula for the emergence of the Moroccan detective novel."—Libération Kaleidoscope//endoftext//endoftext"The plotting is tight and watching the story's resolution unfold is a delight. . . . As a guilty-pleasure read, it is a winner."—M. Lynx Qualey, The National//endoftext//endoftext

“A refreshing and refined crime thriller . . . . Events unfold cleanly, with a sniper’s precision.”—Banipal//endoftext//endoftext"Whitefly is an entertaining crime novel, a slice of insight into police culture. However, it is also a subtle hint at some of the most pressing issues tormenting contemporary Morocco, bubbling beneath the surface, and of all that cannot be filed away and put on the backburner quite as easily as a police case."—Banipal//endoftext//endoftext''Much is packed into this relatively short, fast-paced novel.''—Sally Bland, The Jordan Times//endoftext//endoftext

“An enjoyable quick read, a police procedural offering a decent crime-story as well as a nice slice of local color and customs.”—The Complete Review//endoftext//endoftext"Whitefly is an engaging read."—Tope Salaudeen–Adegoke, WAWA Book Review //endoftext//endoftext

“Hamdouchi is known for his detective fiction and screenplays and has written the scripts for seven police thrillers in Morocco. No surprise, then, that his fast-paced novel, full of twists and turns, is an entertaining read, but the text also captures the tragic fate of undocumented Moroccan immigrants who are exploited by those more corrupt and powerful in Spain.”—Gretchen McCullough, Exchanges Literary Journal//endoftext//endoftext"In the saturated field of crime fiction, "Whitefly" is as canny as the waxy, winged creature to which it owes its name. Set in contemporary Morocco, Hamdouchi lifts the blanket on tangier's twisted network of traffickers, dealers and dubious crime investigators. Hamdouchi is an artful storyteller unafraid of loose ends, and will lift the ground from beneath you just when it feels most solid."--Tank Magazine

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