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120 color photographs 
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The Taste of Egypt

Home Cooking from the Middle East Dyna Eldaief

A modern approach to one of the world’s oldest cuisines

Combining mouthwatering recipes with a fresh, contemporary design, The Taste of Egypt brings the sophisticated colors and flavors of Egyptian and Middle Eastern cuisine to the modern home kitchen in unpretentious, down-to-earth style. Impress your dinner guests with sublime appetizers such as stuffed-vine leaves and roast eggplant dip. Cook up a storm with silky cumin-infused lentil soup, sensational spiced meatballs, and delicious artichokes cooked in red pepper sauce. There are summery salads to fill a picnic hamper and hearty slow-cooked beans and basterma (fenugreek-spiced cured beef) to evoke the bustling warmth of a Middle Eastern food market. And the recipes for sweet delights are designed to satisfy even the most persistent sweet tooth. Presented in a vibrant, accessible style, The Taste of Egypt is a celebration of a great culinary tradition and an exciting addition to the repertoire of the modern home cook.
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Dyna Eldaief was discovered by the Middle East edition of the reality television cooking show The Taste, after she began to blog and post clips on YouTube about her mother’s recipes. She continues her passion for Middle Eastern cuisine by maintaining her blog and giving cooking classes. She lives in Melbourne with her husband and three children.

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"The photos of the people and markets of Egypt draw us in to a beautiful country that’s rich in culture. The book has a great feel—a daughter wanting to capture memories of her mother and her food, in order to share it with the rest of the world. We are grateful she did."—Jenny Hartin, Tastebook//endoftext//endoftext"Beyond recipes, the book imparts something of the spirit of Egypt itself. Numerous color photographs show not only the food but the markets, the people, and the daily life of the place. Sturdy construction and high-quality paper make it possible to lay the book flat on a counter and it open to the desired page, without it snapping closed. . . . an inviting glimpse into the life and culture of a far-away country, and a good introduction to many fresh, flavorful, and healthy dishes."—Foreword Reviews//endoftext//endoftext

“The best Egyptian cookbook I have ever come across. . . . Dyna gives us more than a taste of Egypt, she shares with us her genuine passion for food and she entices us to discover or re-discover Egyptian cooking.”—Lisa Kaaki, Arab News//endoftext//endoftext

“Dyna Eldaief’s The Taste of Egypt is more than just a collection of recipes and pretty pictures. There’s so much of the Egyptian-Australian food blogger’s experience in there that it’s almost a culinary journal, featuring tips and precious tidbits about Egyptian homecooking and food traditions.”—Noha Mohamed, Egypt Today//endoftext//endoftext"Accessible and delightful."—Portland Book Review//endoftext//endoftextBest Mediterranean Cuisine Book and Best Arab Cuisine Book, Gourmand World Cookbook Awards: "This great book in English is the perfect introduction to the rich food culture of Egypt. It is a real pleasure to read, with much to learn for everyone, new or experienced in this wonderful cuisine."—Edouard Cointreau, President of the Jury, Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

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