Archaeology and Ancient Egypt
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December  2015
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Wonderful Things

A History of Egyptology: 2: The Golden Age: 1881–1914 Jason Thompson

The second part of the first comprehensive history of the study and understanding of ancient Egypt, from ancient times to the twenty-first century

The discovery of ancient Egypt and the development of Egyptology are momentous events in intellectual and cultural history. The history of Egyptology is the story of the people, famous and obscure, who constructed the picture of ancient Egypt that we have today, recovered the Egyptian past while inventing it anew, and made a lost civilization comprehensible to generations of enchanted readers and viewers thousands of years later. This, the second of a three-volume survey of the history of Egyptology, explores the years 1881–1914, a period marked by the institutionalization of Egyptology amid an ever increasing pace of discovery and the opening of vast new vistas into the Egyptian past. Wonderful Things affirms that the history of ancient Egypt has proved continually fascinating, but it also demonstrates that the history of Egyptology is no less so. Only by understanding how Egyptology has developed can we truly understand ancient Egypt.

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Jason Thompson is the editor of Edward William Lane’s Description of Egypt (AUC Press, 2000) and An Account of the Manners and Customs of the Modern Egyptians (AUC Press, 2003), and the author of Sir Gardiner Wilkinson and His Circle, A History of Egypt: From Earliest Times to the Present (AUC Press, 2008), and Edward William Lane, 1801–1876 (AUC Press, 2010).

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“While Wonderful Things would be an entertaining and informative read for any interested person, it should be considered essential reading for every Egyptologist and aspiring Egyptologist.”—Melinda Nelson-Hurst, JARCE

“Thompson’s meticulous approach, and his aim to produce a coherent (and highly readable) history of Egyptology has to be commended. As such, the book stands as an excellent reference work and the bibliography offers great scope for those who want to expand their knowledge of the subject in other areas.”—Clare Lewis, Papers from the Institute of Archaeology

“This is an incredible yet concise and most readable account of the really formative years in Egyptology. . . . Hopefully it will not be long before the trilogy will be completed and become an essential and very worthy addition to the shelves of every Egyptologist, professional or dedicated amateur.”—Peter Clayton, Ancient Egypt

"The second installment of Jason Thompson’s Wonderful Things is just as wonderful as the first."—Histories of Arachaeology Research Network

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