Archaeology and Ancient Egypt
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February  2015
252 pp.
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Death and Burial in Ancient Egypt

Salima Ikram

The tombs, mortuary temples, and religious beliefs and practices of one of the world's greatest ancient civilizations

Death, burial, and the afterlife were as important to the ancient Egyptians as how they lived. This well-illustrated book explores all aspects of death in ancient Egypt, including beliefs of the afterlife, mummification, the protection of the body, tombs and their construction and decoration, funerary goods, and the funeral itself. It also addresses the relationship between the living and the dead, and the magico-religious interaction of these two in ancient Egyptian culture. Salima Ikram's own experience with experimental mummification and funerary archaeology lends the book many completely original and provocative insights. In addition, a full survey of current development in the field makes this a unique book that combines all aspects of death and burial in ancient Egypt into one volume.
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Salima Ikram is professor of Egyptology at the American University in Cairo, and has worked in Egypt since 1986. She has directed the Animal Mummy Project, co-directed the Predynastic Gallery project, and has served as co-director and subsequently director of the North Kharga Oasis Survey. Ikram has worked on several excavations throughout Egypt as well as in Turkey, Sudan, and Greece, and she is currently very involved with the preservation and presentation of cultural heritage. She is the editor of Divine Creatures: Animal Mummies in Ancient Egypt (AUC Press, pbk ed., 2015).

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Dr. Salima Ikram talks about her fascination for mummified life - Watch the video interview on YouTube

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"Considering the book's wide scope, scientific reliability and comprehensible text, it is very well-suited for anyone wishing to learn more about ancient Egypt in a limited time. It provides a good overview for both lay-people and students of archaeology.”—PalArch, Netherlands Scientific Journals<br><br>"Dr. Salima Ikram's Death and Burial in Ancient Egypt is among the best works on the subject presently on the market. Dr. Ikram's work breathes with a love of the subject matter and, refreshingly, lacks the academic jargon which mars so many otherwise fine books on this subject. Dr. Ikram has recreated the mummification process in modern-day laboratories and so brings a practical, as well as scholarly, approach to the subject. This book takes a reader from the early history of ancient Egypt through the beliefs and funerary practices of the people and includes the development of the mastaba tombs and the later pyramids. An excellent work and highly recommended."—Ancient History Encyclopedia<br><br>"After a general introduction, Ikram provides six chapters that address Egyptian ideas regarding the afterlife, human and animal mummification, funerary artifacts, the tomb itself, and mortuary cults. The text is both scholarly and lucid, and the choice of illustrations is entirely apposite and not merely decorative. This is a splendid volume for all students of ancient Egypt, and it cannot be recommended too highly. Nonspecialists will appreciate the useful glossary, chronology, and list of further readings. Highly recommended.”—G. R. G. Hambly, University of Texas at Dallas<br><br>

“Provides a comprehensive introduction to aspects of death and the Egyptian afterlife, while also exploring the relationship and magico-religious interaction between the living and the dead. . . . This book provides an excellent introduction to the whole subject area.”—Rosalie David, Egyptian Archaeology

"Summarizes current knowledge extremely well and is highly recommended to anyone interested in this particular aspect of Egyptology."—Victor Blunden, Ancient Egypt

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