Middle East Studies
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September  2014
146 pp.
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Masculinities in Egypt and the Arab World: Historical, Literary, and Social Science Perspectives

Cairo Papers Vol. 33, No. 1 Edited by Helen Rizzo

While reflecting upon the Arab Spring, the essays in this collection cover several themes that include utilizing the concept of hegemonic masculinity in productive ways, the role of the state in promoting certain types of masculinities while devaluing and disciplining others, the potential role of feminism and activism in influencing masculinities, and the effects of colonialism, nationalism and postcolonialism, as well as war and violence. Presenting cases from Egypt, Lebanon, and Tunisia, they seek to humanize, contextualize, and historicize masculinities to particular times and places in the Middle East.
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Helen Rizzo is associate professor of sociology at the American University in Cairo.

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