Archaeology and Ancient Egypt
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January  2014
288 pp.
122 illus. 
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The Lost Manuscript of Frédéric Cailliaud

Arts and Crafts of the Ancient Egyptians, Nubians, and Ethiopians Translated and edited by Andrew Bednarski

The first publication in any language of a long-lost illustrated French manuscript on ancient Egyptian arts and pastimes

The travel accounts, drawings, and collections of Frédéric Cailliaud were an important early contribution to the birth of the new scientific discipline of Egyptology in the first half of the nineteenth century. But one of his major works—on the arts and crafts of ancient Egypt—was never published. For the first time here, his exquisite color plates are presented alongside a translation of his original French text describing them. Explanatory material by Andrew Bednarski and other scholars puts the work in context. Arriving in Egypt in 1815, Cailliaud embarked upon a series of explorations that included the rediscovery of the Roman emerald mines at Mount Zabora and ancient routes to the Red Sea, and expeditions in the Eastern and Western Deserts and the land we know today as Ethiopia. He made copious notes on the flora and fauna, people and antiquities he saw, and took a collection of over two thousand objects back to France. Cailliaud’s beautifully rendered watercolors of scenes on ancient Egyptian tombs and temples (viewed before Champollion’s deciphering of Egyptian hieroglyphs) show animated scenes of ancient daily life, with which he draws parallels to the nineteenth-century activities he observed around him. This is a work that will appeal not only to Egyptologists (professional and amateur), but also to historians, art historians, and readers interested in design. The original French text, never before published, is included in electronic form.
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Andrew Bednarski is assistant to the director of special projects at the American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE). He has extensive excavation experience and has published broadly on ancient Egypt. His personal research combines the study of Egyptology with the history of science. Frédéric Cailliaud (1787–1869) was a French naturalist and mineralogist, and curator of the museum of Nantes. In 1815 he arrived in Egypt and began his extensive explorations of the country, reaching also into modern Sudan and Ethiopia, making copious notes and sketches as he traveled.

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"Magnificently-produced and illustrated. . . . This book gives its readers a unique opportunity to view Cailliaud’s masterpieces, and is a worthy tribute to a great Egyptologist of the past."—Ancient Egypt<br><br>

“This volume is extremely attractive and reasonably priced. It is no doubt a valuable source for those engaged in the study of early Egyptology, and in archaeological drawing.”—Robert Morkot, ASTENE Bulletin

"[Cailliaud's] personal narratives of travels far up the Nile are nothing short of heroic in their daring and discoveries. . . . Exquisitely reproduced images, on par with those in Description de l'Egypte."—AramcoWorld

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