Middle East Studies
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November  2013
176 pp.
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Agrarian Transformation in the Arab World: Persistent and Emerging Challenges

Cairo Papers Vol. 32, No. 2 Edited by Habib Ayeb
Reem Saad

The changing face of agriculture and farming in the Arab World, and the resulting serious implications for food supply, the environment, and growing population

This collection of essays revisits agrarian transformation in Arab countries in the light of new realities and emerging challenges. Apart from the urgency of the deepening food crisis, such realities include environmental challenges, changes in consumption and life-style choices, and a new set of rules governing the conditions of access to resources. The issue investigates the commonality and diversity in the current processes of agrarian transformation, based on empirical case studies from different Arab countries.
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Habib Ayeb is research associate professor at the Social Research Center, the American University in Cairo. Reem Saad is director of Middle East Studies Center, the American University in Cairo.

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