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Paleopathology of the Ancient Egyptians

An Annotated Bibliography 1998–2011 Lisa Sabbahy

A comprehensive listing of sources for books and articles about disease and pathology in ancient Egypt

This annotated bibliography presents and describes over 800 books, dissertations, excavation reports, and articles relevant to the paleopathology of the ancient Egyptians from the fields of Egyptology, physical anthropology, archaeology, and medicine, making it possible for scholars in these different fields to keep current with the latest finds and results. Each source has a short annotation explaining its relevant pathological information, so that scholars can ascertain whether or not any particular source is germane to their own research, and see what is being studied and published by others. In particular, this bibliography will be an immense help to scholars outside the field of Egyptology who want to know about the newest excavations with human remains. This updated bibliography is indispensable to scholars as well as non-specialists who are intrigued by this area of study, particularly forensic pathologists, medical researchers, historians of medicine, and mummy enthusiasts.
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Lisa Sabbahy is an assistant professor of Egyptology at the American University in Cairo. Her research interests include the titulary and iconography of ancient Egyptian queens, clay anthropoid coffins, gender in ancient Egypt, and the paleopathology of the ancient Egyptians.

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“In 1992 I published a bibliography of Nile Valley bioarchaeology with 1451 entries and I thought that I had kept up with the literature since that time. Having the opportunity to read Lisa Sabbahy’s Paleopathology of the Ancient Egyptians: An Annotated Bibliography, I found 101 references that I did not know about. This is a truly valuable reference for those working on skeletons in Egypt.”—Jerry Rose, professor of Anthropology, University of Arkansas//endoftext//endoftext

“The Paleopathology of the Ancient Egyptians: An Annotated Bibliography by Lisa Sabbahy is an invaluable tool to anyone interested in the history of disease and medicine in ancient Egypt. It provides a comprehensive list of books and articles dealing with ancient Egyptian mummies and skeletons, provides an abstract for each, and gathers together information from diverse fields including Egyptology, anthropology, medicine, and radiology. I hope that the author continues to keep this updated in the coming years as the Bibliography is a crucial tool for the study of ancient Egyptian physical remains and mummy studies.”—Salima Ikram, associate professor of Egyptology, the American University in Cairo

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