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The Magic of Turquoise

Mai Khaled
Translated by Marwa Elnaggar

A novel of identity and secrets from one of Egypt’s new literary voices

Was Nirvana’s near-fatal accident at sea simply a case of bad timing, or was it attempted suicide? And what was so important about an unread email that made her jump recklessly into the Mediterranean? As Leila tries to make sense of her aunt’s fate, Nirvana embarks on a journey through memories and secrets. Leila guiltily questions her own fears and failures, bearing the blame of a family that curses the day she was born. Lying in a coma, Nirvana’s story of choices made and roads not taken paint a colorful picture of her struggle against expectations in 1980s Egypt. The two narratives are skillfully woven together to create an intricate story about breaking free from family tradition and the dreams that come back to haunt us. From the sunny beaches of Alexandria to the Bavarian Alps, author Mai Khaled explores the subtleties of family relationships and individual choices.
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Mai Khaled is an Egyptian writer, translator, and radio and TV journalist. She is the author of four novels. Marwa Elnaggar is a freelance copyeditor, journalist, consultant, and writer.

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“The whys of the world make us ask more and more questions.

“The Magic of Turquoise” is a novel from Egyptian writer Mai Khaled as she presents a tale of an Aunt and niece trying to understand how a near-death accident at sea has changed both of their lives. As her Aunt Nirvana sits in a coma, Leila tries to understand if the accident was intentional and what could be eating her aunt, as well as her role in her family in 1980s Egypt.

“The Magic of Turquoise” is a thoughtful piece of historical fiction, very much recommended for reading.”—Midewest Book Review

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