Middle East Studies
English edition  
July  2011
148 pp.
209 color illus. 
26X22 cm
ISBN 9789774165146
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The Road to Tahrir

Front Line Images by Six Young Egyptian Photographers Sherif Assaf, Omar Attia
Timothy Kaldas, Rehab K.El Dalil
Zee Mo Monir El-Shazly

A dramatic day-by-day visual record of the Egyptian Revolution

As the 25 January Revolution got under way and grew from strength to strength, six young Egyptian photographers found themselves following and documenting the events in different parts of Cairo, and converging—as the demonstrations converged—on what became the focal point of the revolution, Tahrir Square. Between them they photographed many of the unprecedented and startling events around the city and in the square, from the early battles of the protesters against heavily armed security forces, through the attacks by paid thugs on camel and horseback, and the peaceful occupation of Tahrir Square, to the victory celebrations and the inspiring clean-up afterward. Together in this stunning visual record they present the days of the revolution in sequence, from tear gas to tears of joy, picturing a story of determination and courage that inspired the world.
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Inside the Book

The six photographers are all young Egyptian students and professionals.

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Listen to photographer Omar Attia talking about the book, click here.


"The photographs – which are arranged in chronological order according to the significant events in Tahrir – provide a nostalgic visual experience for anyone who’s lived through the January 25th revolution." —Cairo 360

"A gripping photo essay of the January 25 Revolution in Egypt" —Amazon reviewer

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