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Twentieth-Century Egyptian Art

The Private Collection of Sherwet Shafei Mona Abaza
With Collector’s Notes Sherwet Shafei

A prominent Cairo art gallery owner displays masterpieces of modern Egyptian art never previously published.

This sumptuous full-color volume retraces the highlights of the country’s twentieth-century art world through the private collection of one of Cairo’s most reputable private gallery owners. The 200 color reproductions of paintings from Sherwet Shafei's collection represent works from very early pioneers such as Mahmoud Saïd and Ragheb Ayad to later figures such as Hamed Nada and Youssef Sida. In a comprehensive introduction that examines the life and career of Sherwet Shafei and her pivotal role in promoting and creating a market for modern Egyptian art, the author also addresses the tendencies of emerging art collectors in Egypt’s “blossoming” market, the burdens of forgery, and the impact of globalization on the art industry. This book serves as a repository of Egyptian cultural heritage by offering a rare viewing of a valuable collection that has yet to be displayed in its entirety.
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Mona Abaza is visiting professor of Islamology at Lund University in Sweden. She is the author of several books including The Changing Consumer Cultures of Modern Egypt (AUC Press, 2006).

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“In addition to 200 illustrated pages of the collection with Shafei’s notes providing formal analysis of the artwork, artistic trends, as well as some contextual information, the book provides great insights about the social, economic, and cultural conditions that nurtured the growth of the art market in Egypt.”—Egypt Independent//endoftext//endoftext

“The book’s design presents functionality as a pleasant coffee table book, where 150 glossy pages of art work are simply organized and paired with short yet concise descriptions, adding depth through criticism and explanations alongside each piece pictured. Shafei’s interesting notes about the painters’ backgrounds and the subjects of their artwork are paired with pictures arranged thoughtfully to provide a contemplative setting for the reader to engage with. Page after page reveals Shafei’s impressive private collection, featuring many of Egypt’s greatest artists in all mediums almost like an art encyclopedia. For art fans curious about the significance of Egyptian art and the stories and influences behind these beautiful works of art, the book is a delight to browse through. Furthermore, having access to Shafei’s private collection is a great opportunity to see historically valuable and impeccable art pieces, some of which have not been made public before.”—Cairo360//endoftext//endoftext

“This sumptuous full-colour volume . . . . serves as a repository of Egyptian cultural heritage by offering a rare viewing of a valuable collection that has yet to be displayed in its entirety.”—Rawi: Egypt’s Heritage Review

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