Art and Architecture
English edition  
192 pp.
120 color photographs 
21X26 cm
ISBN 9789774164170
For sale only in the Middle East


Against the Wall

The Art of Resistance in Palestine William Parry

A photographic record of the changing art and graffiti on Israel’s wall, and life in its shadows.

This stunning book of photographs captures the graffiti and art that has transformed Israel’s wall into a living canvas of resistance and solidarity. Featuring the work of artists including Banksy, Ron English, Blu, and others, as well as Palestinian artists and activists, these photographs express outrage, compassion, and touching humor. They illustrate the wall’s toll on lives and livelihoods, showing the hardship it has brought to tens of thousands of people, preventing their access to work, education, and vital medical care. Mixed with the photographs are portraits and vignettes, offering an inspiring account of a people determined to uphold their dignity in the face of profound injustice.
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William Parry is a London-based freelance journalist and photographer who has published in The Guardian, The Independent, and elsewhere. He has worked and traveled extensively in the Middle East.

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"The wall stands as a dreadful symbol of oppression. The spirit of resistance may be strong but Palestinians need international support. I hope this book makes that more likely."—Ken Loach, filmmaker//endoftext//endoftext"This book will help eventually pull down the wall."—Damon Albarn, musician//endoftext//endoftext"A singular achievement - both a stunning photographic essay of how Israel's concrete wall has cut into Palestinian land and strangled whole communities and a powerful visual record of how local and international graffiti artists have battered it with their only weapons, paint and spray cans."—Joe Sacco, author of Palestine and Footnotes in Gaza//endoftext//endoftext"A remarkable book documenting a vast and ultimately self-defeating act of injustice. It records a growing series of creative and fleible responses to that injustice. . . . It is an angry, funny, determined reminder that nothing lasts forever."—A.L. Kennedy, writer and comedian//endoftext//endoftext"[The wall] is the largest protest banner the world has ever known. . . . By engaging with it practically and imaginatively William Parry has produced and outstanding example of cultural resistance."—Ahdaf Soueif, author of The Map of Love//endoftext//endoftext"A marvelous exposition of Palestinian wall art, evocative and compelling."—Ghadi Karmi, author of Married to Another Man: Israel's Dilemma in Palestine

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