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August  2010
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Access to Knowledge in Egypt

New Research on Intellectual Property, Innovation, and Development Edited by Nagla Rizk
Lea Shaver

A detailed set of studies into questions of copyright and creativity in Egypt

The global economy is increasingly dominated by the production of knowledge goods and by struggles for control over information. This book provides an overview of the challenges and opportunities facing efforts to promote access to knowledge in Egypt. The essays, written by leaders in the field, favor a deeper understanding of how the production of information, innovation, culture, and knowledge affects the core of human development and human rights. Combining both theoretical and empirical approaches, the work will be of interest to scholars and practitioners dealing with intellectual property and innovation the world over. Contributors: Ahmed Abdel Latif, Hossam Bahgat, Jack Balkin, Sherif El-Kassas, Sherif Kamel, Nagla Rizk, Lea Shaver, Rebecca Wright.
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Nagla Rizk is associate professor of economics at the American University in Cairo, Egypt. Lea Shaver is an associate research scholar and lecturer in law at Yale Law School, USA.

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‘This is a

“must read” for scholars and practitioners interested in economic development, cultural production, and access to knowledge.’—Susan K. Sell, The George Washington University

"The authors provide an indispensable guide to the questions facing intellectual property policy and economic development and do so with concrete examples in a particular, and fascinating, national context. The authors of each chapter are leaders in the field . . . . Highly recommended."—James Boyle, Professor of Law, Duke Law School

"This exceptional volume is an important new addition to the literature on access to knowledge. In each carefully researched and well-written chapter, it reveals Egypt's essential role in the global movement as well as the importance of access to knowledge in its culture and technology sectors."—Michael Geist, Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-Commerce Law, University of Ottawa

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