Coptic and Islamic Studies
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Coptic Egypt

The Christians of the Nile Christian Cannuyer

The Coptic heritage in full color

Between the glory of the pharaohs and the grandeur of Islam lies another Egypt: that of the Copts, Egypt’s Christians. This venerable church embraced the teachings of Jesus when they were new, invented monasticism, gave saints and scholars to the world, and has preserved its ancient traditions down to our day. The Copts were famous for their richly colored textiles and figurative paintings: today, the wide-eyed faces of antiquity gaze at us from out of the past, proclaiming the eternity of Egyptian humanity. According to legend, Mark the Evangelist founded the Coptic church in Alexandria in the first century A.D., when Egypt was under Roman rule and practiced polytheistic religions. Though Egypt has been an Islamic nation since the seventh century, the Copts have maintained their traditions and rites at monasteries and villages throughout the country. Beautiful antique textiles, mosaics, illuminated manuscripts, frescoes, book-bindings, and monuments attest to their rich and venerable culture, which drew inspiration from Egyptian, Hellenistic, and Near Eastern art. This lavishly illustrated little book brings the extraordinary artistic and cultural heritage of the Copts to life.
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Christian Cannuyer teaches ancient Near Eastern religions, Christian church history, and Coptic language in the Theology Department of the Université Catholique, Lille, France. He has published many books and articles on Coptic Egypt, and is editor of the journal Solidarité-Orient in Brussels.

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“A small informative, well-researched and beautiful publication that conveys the richness and diversity of the Coptic heritage.”—Al-Ahram Weekly

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