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September  2009
152 pp.
150 color illus. 
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Gaza Graffiti

Messages of Love and Politics Mia Gröndahl

A photographic exploration of Gaza’s writing on the wall

Graffiti began in Gaza in 1987, during the first Intifada, when there was no Palestinian television or radio in the Gaza Strip, and no newspapers: the messages that spread along the walls became an important means of communication. Over the years, all political groups have had their own graffiti artists. Scrawl is not tolerated—it has to look good. Hamas even offers evening classes in graffiti. Documenting the writings on the walls of Gaza over a period of seven years, celebrated Swedish photojournalist Mia Gröndahl lays before us the many roles that they perform, the colorful and surprising range of their artistic expression, and their reflection of the changing political situation. And apart from political slogans, the walls bear witness too to joy and sadness: the wedding celebrations, the many victims of the conflict, and the ever present hope of peace and freedom. For us on the outside, Mia Gröndahl’s photographs offer an exciting and unexpected view of life in Gaza.
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Mia Gröndahl was born in 1951 and lives in Cairo and southern Sweden. She is the photographer of In Hope and Despair: Life in the Palestinian Refugee Camps (AUC Press, 2003)

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For Gröndahl, Gaza's graffiti tells a story that goes beyond the typical catchphrases that tend to be repeated about the Strip and its people.”—Al Jazeera English website

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