Egypt Guidebooks
English edition  
400 pp.
175 color photographs, 20 maps 
13.5X21.5 cm
ISBN 9789774163142
For sale only in the Middle East


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Egypt Andrew Humphreys

“Delightfully sumptuous.”—The Observer

This fully illustrated, comprehensive travel guide with more than 175 color photographs and 20 detailed, full color maps, brings you the best of Egypt. Among its other features are: Charting Your Trip, a rich overview that helps tailor your visit to the time you have and your specific interests. Experiences, unique and hands-on, including sailing on a Nile felucca at Luxor and touring Sinai with Bedouins. Insider Tips on favorite hot spots, practicalities, and more. Walking Tours, with maps color-coded to site descriptions, including Islamic and Coptic Cairo and the Valley of the Kings. Excursions off the beaten path, including deep desert safaris and trips to little-visited but well-preserved ancient temples. “Sensational photos, superb maps, and prose that’s authoritative.” —San Francisco Chronicle “Rich with photography, maps, and historical context.” —Los Angeles Times
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Andrew Humphreys has worked for a variety of publications including The Wall Street Journal and National Geographic.

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“Delightfully sumptuous.”—The Observer//endoftext//endoftext

“Sensational photos, superb maps, and prose that’s authoritative.”—San Francisco Chronicle//endoftext//endoftext

“Rich with photography, maps, and historical context.”—Los Angeles Times

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