Egypt Guidebooks
English edition  
144 pp.
295 color photographs, 2 maps 
9.5X19 cm
ISBN 9789774246173
For sale only in the Middle East


A Photographic Guide to Birds of Egypt and the Middle East

Richard Porter
David Cottridge

The authoritative bird identification guide for birdwatchers in Egypt and the Middle East.

This is a compact, clear, and authoritative bird identification guide for any birdwatcher visiting or residing in Egypt or traveling around the Middle East. Egypt is an increasingly popular destination for birdwatchers, and has a rich and varied bird life; 252 species are described here in detail, from the larks and sandgrouse of the barren deserts to the spectacular array of water birds in the wetlands of the Delta. With helpful thumbnail silhouettes, a map showing the best birding localities, up-to-date tips on birdwatching, and information on bird biology and behavior, this guide is an invaluable aid for any visiting birdwatcher.
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Richard Porter was instrumental in developing the BirdLife Middle East Conservation Programme. He has written a number of books, including the Field Guide to Birds of the Middle East. David M. Cottridge is photographic consultant for Birdwatching and Birding World.

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