Coptic and Islamic Studies
English edition  
June  2007
800 pp.
15X23 cm
ISBN 9789774160813
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Past, Present, and Future Hans Küng

The major new work from the renowned theologian

For more than two decades, the world’s religions have been a central topic for Hans Küng. As one of the best-known pioneers of dialogue between cultures, his books have been a source of inspiration for millions of people. In this extraordinarily comprehensive book, he gives an in-depth account of Islam’s history and core beliefs. Describing paradigm shifts in its 1,400-year history, outlining the various currents and surveying the positions of Islam on the urgent questions of the day, few present-day Christian theologians could have written such a complete analysis. In a world where our understanding of global politics requires a knowledge of Islam, this deft, assured, and comprehensive study is a perfect place to start.
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HANS KUNG is president of the Foundation for a Global Ethic (Weltethos). From 1960 until his retirement in 1996, he was professor of ecumenical theology and director of the Institute for Ecumenical Research at the University of Tübingen. He is the author of Tracing the Way: Spiritual Dimensions of the World Religions and many other works. He was recently named among Prospect’s Top 100 Public Intellectuals in the world.

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“A magnificent ‘tour de force’ by our greatest living theologian.”—Lord George Carey, former Archbishop of Canterbury

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