Business, Economics, and Environmental Studies
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May  2006
204 pp.
38 figures and tables 
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Arab Women and Economic Development

Edited by Heba Handoussa

New regional studies on the role of women in society

The subject of women’s participation in economic activity in the MENA region has acquired particular importance in view of the pressures of globalization, trade liberalization, the need for more women entrepreneurs, and a stronger presence in regional non-government organizations, as well as labor market and fiscal hurdles as they affect women. This volume highlights the frequent and visible discrimination against women as essential actors in the development process, and discusses means by which traditional and conservative constraints to their increased participation in social, political, and productive life can be overcome. The six studies in this volume reflect the views of diverse regional experts and several international organizations, brought together at a seminar held in Kuwait under the auspices of the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development and the Arab Monetary Fund. They cover key aspects of the problematic and are presented together with a review of comments by specialists and discussants. In addition, an overview of the key issues is given, as well as a narrative of seminar proceedings. Contributors: Farida Aboul-Kasem Al-Allaghi, Mervat Badawi, Ahmed Benbitour, Faiza Benhadid, Nadereh Chamlou, Abdelatif Al-Hamad, Heba Handoussa, Nicole Laframboise, Jassim Al-Mannai, Maisa Sabh, Tea Trumbic, and Reem Kattaneh Yared.
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Heba Handoussa is currently Advisor to the Economic Research Forum for the Arab Countries, Iran, and Turkey (ERF), and is a member of Egypt’s Coordinating Committee for Monetary Policy.

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