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September  2005
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Re-envisioning Egypt

1919–1952 Edited by Arthur Goldschmidt
Amy Johnson
Barak Salmoni

A new set of studies taking a fresh look at one of the most critical periods in Egypt’s modern history, the constitutional monarchy

Re-Envisioning Egypt, 1919–1952 presents new and often dismissed aspects of the constitutional monarchy era in Egyptian history. It demonstrates that many of the domestic and regional sociopolitical and cultural changes credited to the 1952 revolutionaries actually began in the decades before the July coup. Arguing against the predominant view of the pre-revolutionary era in Egypt as one of creeping decay, the volume restores understandings of the 1919–1952 years as integral to modern nation–state formation and social transformation. The book’s contributors show that Egypt’s real revolutions were long-term processes emerging over several decades prior to 1952. The leaders of the 1952 coup capitalized on these developments, yet earlier changes in Egyptian society fundamentally facilitated their actions and policies. This volume includes revisionist discussion of domestic political issues and foreign policy; the military, education, social reform, and class; as well as popular media, art, and literature. By introducing new approaches to these under-appreciated categories of analysis through exploration of untapped sources and by re-examining the political context of the time, Re-Envisioning Egypt, 1919–1952 proposes innovative methodologies for understanding this crucial period in Egyptian history, casting these years as fundamental to the country’s twentieth-century trajectory. Contributors: Tewfik Aclimandos, Malak Badrawi, Andrew Flibbert, Nancy Gallagher, Arthur Goldschmidt, Mervat Hatem, Misako Ikeda, Amy J. Johnson, Anne-Claire Kerboeuf, Samia Kholoussi, Hanan Kholoussy, Fred Lawson, Shaun T. Lopez, Scott David McIntosh, Roger Owen, Lucie Ryzova, Barak A. Salmoni, James Whidden, Caroline Williams.
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Arthur Goldschmidt is professor emeritus of Middle East history at the Pennsylvania State University. His work as a teacher of undergraduate and graduate students was recognized in the 2000 Mentoring Award by the Middle East Studies Association. Amy J. Johnson was associate professor of history at Berry College in Mt. Berry, GA. She has written widely on Middle Eastern and North African history. Her most recent work is Reconstructing Rural Egypt: Ahmed Hussein and the History of Egyptian Development, published by Syracuse University Press and AUC Press in 2004. Barak A. Salmoni is assistant professor of national security affairs at the US Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA. He has authored numerous journal articles on subjects such education in Egypt and Turkey, democracy in the Middle East, US military policy, and contemporary Iraq.

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“Unlike many edited volumes, this compilation is homogenous in its high quality of research and its intelligent integration through countless cross-references . . . . recommended reading for scholars.”—International Journal of Middle East Studies

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