Archaeology and Ancient Egypt
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Villa of the Birds

The Excavation and Preservation of the Kom al-Dikka Mosaics Wojciech Kołątaj
Grzegorz Majcherek
Ewa Parandowska

Stunning new discoveries beneath Egypt’s second city

This fascinating book describes the excavation and preservation of three early Roman villas in Egypt’s ancient port city of Alexandria. Chronicling the work of the Polish Archaeological Mission in Alexandria, Villa of the Birds is an engaging and informative account of how these ancient dwellings were unearthed, and how the famous mosaic floors were brought to light two thousand years after they were laid. With the expert guidance of the archaeologists responsible for the excavation, the reader is led through layers of clues reaching ten meters below today’s street level, and to an in-depth appreciation of this extraordinary site’s rich history. Drawing directly on their work with the Polish Archeological Mission, the authors describe in detail the excavation of the housing areas, as well as the baths, the gymnasia, and the theater that comprise the villa complex. Villa of the Birds reconstructs not only the villas themselves, with their magnificent mosaics, but also the history of how they were built and used, and ultimately how they were destroyed by fire. The book is richly illustrated with detailed floor plans as well as spectacular color photographs of the mosaics themselves. American Research Center in Egypt Conservation Series 3
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Wojciech Kołątaj has directed the Polish–Egyptian Project at Kom al-Dikka for more than twenty years. Grzegorz Majcherek has directed the archaeological program at Kom al-Dikka since 1988. Ewa Parandowska has worked on the preservation of mosaics in Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, and Sudan.

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